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Now Open 7 days a week, 9am-6pm!

December Update

Our days and hours of operation are:
Monday – Sunday: 9am-6pm
Dec 23 – Wednesday: 9am-7pm
Dec 24 – Thursday: 8am-4pm (pick up time :until 3pm)
Holiday Offering menu is updated now!
* For the ongoing safety of our customers and staff, *Please wear a mask to enter and *only two customers at a time inside. 
* Limited coffee and pastry menu
* No cash accepted
* Due to reduced staffing levels, please order via email or phone call.
* No delivery service
Thank you for your patience; we hopefully will be back to normal operations soon!
* Limited cakes are available for order. Please pre-order only via email or phone call by at least noon the day prior to pick-up. We will have some cakes available for walk-in as well. 
Please note:  As we are not answering the phone on a regular basis due to reduced staff levels, we are asking that you please email us at info@sweetobsession.ca for orders and any questions. 
The order email should include the following:
Subject Line:  CAKE ORDER
Contact Number
Order details including type of cake, size of cake, and any personal inscription instructions (ex. Happy Birthday Ben, Congratulations Tina, etc)
Date and Time of Pick-up
Please wait for a response email to show confirmation of the order and any questions.
Available Cakes
  • Triple Chocolate Mousse (6″, 8″, Individual)
  • Cheesecakes (6″, 8″):
    • Mango
    • New York with Raspberry sauce 
  • Flans (7″, 9″, slice):
    • Lemon Orange Flan with Blueberry
    • Lime Raspberry Flan
    • Passion Fruit Flan
  • Tiramisu (6″,8″, Individual)
  • White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse (6″,8″, Individual )
  • Peanut Butter Mousse (6″, 8″, Individual)
  • Lemon Mousse Cake (6″, 8″, Individual)
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Zuccotto (7″, 9″, Individual),
  • Dulce De Leche (6″, 12″, slice)
  • Neopolitan Cake (6″, 8″)
  • Bittersweet Chocolate Buttercream (6″, 8″)
  • Hedgehog (6″, 8″)
  • St. Honore (6″, 12″, Individual)
  • Mocha Torte (6″, 8″)
  • Carrot Cake (6″, 8″)
  • Toffee Cake (6″, 8″, slice)
  • Coconut Chiffon (6″, 8″)
  • Chocolate Obsession (6″, 12″, slice)
  • Cranberry and Pecan Tart (7″, 9″)

We’re really excited to be back. See you soon!

The Sweet Obsession Team