gluten free

We are pleased to offer the following selection of items that don't contain gluten in the recipe. They are baked in a facility that uses flour, however. Not pictured is our Concorde (2 days notice), Almond Chocolate-Dipped Florentines, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream or Pear Vanilla Sorbet Black & White Mousse: rich dark chocolate mousse topped with luscious white chocolate mousse.  Available by the whole cake (L), or individual (R)

Black & White Mousse Cake Black & White Mousse Cake


Lemon Dacquoise: lemon buttercream with hazelnut meringue. Whole cake (L), individual (R)

Lemon Dacquoise Lemon Dacquoise


Mocha Dacquoise: mocha buttercream with almond meringue. Whole cake (L), individual (R)

Mocha DacquoiseMocha Dacquoise


Chocolate Obsession: rich dense chocolate truffle in a triangle. 12" (L), 6" (not pictured), or individual (R)

Chocolate Obsession Chocolate Obsession


Caramel Walnut Mousse: hint of mocha, crunchy caramelized walnut centre, topped with chocolate macaroon. Individual piece only.

Caramel Walnut Mousse


Crème Bruleé: silky vanilla bean custard topped with crisp caramelized sugar. Individual serving only. Have in-store, or for take-out with a $5 refundable deposit for the ramekin. (Only recommended if you are enjoying very promptly, or own a torch at home)

Crème Brûlée  

Crème Caramel: velvety custard atop a sweet caramel bottom. Individual jar only.|

Crème Caramel


Cloud Cookies

Cloud Cookie

If provided with 3 days notice, we can create the following cakes below gluten free: Triple Chocolate Mousse (whole or individual), Peanut Butter Mousse (whole or individual) Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Cake Triple Chocolate Mousse: layers of dark, mocha & white chocolate mousse Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse: Peanut butter & white chocolate mousse covered with chocolate ganache