whole cakes & flans

We proudly use only the finest ingredients including real butter, cream and pure Belgian Chocolate. No artificial anything - guaranteed.

6" serves 8-10 8" serves 12-18 10" serves 20-32  (needs two days notice, please) 12" serves 30-45, 14" serves 40-65, 16" serves 60-80 (for 12"-16" 2 days notice please, and not all flavours available) Please let us know of any preference against allergens or alcohol as some may not be listed below. We will happily accommodate omitting the ingredient (when possible) with 2 days notice. We offer complimentary writing for your cake, please pre-order for customized messages or walk-in before 5pm.
Bittersweet Chocolate Buttercream Dense ultra chocolate cake layered with bittersweet chocolate buttercream 6" $37,   8" $52 Bittersweet Buttercream
Black & White Mousse 2 days notice Rich dark chocolate mousse topped with luscious white chocolate mousse. 6" $39,   8" $55 gluten free! Black & White Mousse
Carrot Cake Delicious moist carrot cake with raisins, cream cheese topping. 6" $35, 8" $49 Carrot Cake
Cheese Cakes Creamy smooth & rich. Choose NY, mango or marble chocolate 6" $35, 8" $49 Seasonal flavours at times! Lemon Cheesecake Mango Cheesecake Chocolate Marble Cheesecake
Chocolate Ganache Layers of chocolate chiffon and ganache (a blend of dark chocolate & cream) with a hint of rum. 6" $39, 8" $55 Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate Hazelnut Zuccotto Dome of chocolate chiffon filled with chocolate mousse and hazelnut mousse covered in chocolate ganache. 7" $46 (10-12 ppl) 9" $72 (20-24 ppl) Zuccotto
Chocolate Obsession Rich dense chocolate truffle in a triangle. Delicious with raspberry coulis. Gluten free! 6" $26 (serves 6) 12"$45 (serves12) Chocolate Obsession
Dacquoise Choose lemon buttercream with hazelnut meringue or mocha buttercream with almond meringue 6" $33, 8" $46. Gluten free! Lemon Dacquoise Mocha Dacquoise
Dulce De Leche Pecan jaconde roulade, layered with dulce de leche, with a milk chocolate glaze. 6" $26 (serves 6) 12"$45 (serves 12) Dulce de Leche
Fruit Cream Cake 2 days notice Layers of vanilla chiffon, fresh fruit, pastry cream and a hint of Grand Marnier. 6" $35, 8"$49 Fruit Cream Cake
Hedgehog Layers of hazelnut chiffon and hazelnut chocolate buttercream with Frangelico. 6" $35, 8" $49 Hedgehog
Lemon Mousse Cake Layers of vanilla chiffon, lemon curd & lemon mousse. 6" $36, 8"50 Lemon Mousse Cake
Mocha Torte 6 thin layers of vanilla sponge and mocha buttercream, coated in chocolate ganache. 6"$39, 8"54 Mocha Torte
Neopolitan Cake Layers of chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream made from real vanilla beans, whole raspberries and raspberry coulis. 6" $38, 8"54 Neopolitan
Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Peanut butter and white chocolate mousse surrounded with chocolate ganache. 6"$37, 8"$52
Roasted Coconut Chiffon Cake Layers of vanilla chiffon cake, coconut toffee and coconut buttercream. 6" $32, 8" $45 Roasted Coconut Chiffon Cake
St. Honore Puff pastry, choux balls filled with vanilla pastry cream & chocolate mousse, drizzled with dark chocolate. 6" $26 (serves 4) 12"$45 (serves 8) St. Honore
Tiramisu Layers of Italian sponge, zabaglione, mascarpone cream and espresso. 6" $38, 8" $54
Toffee Cake Layers of moist toffee infused cake smothered in toffee sauce. Heat at home 6" $32, 8" $45 Toffee Cake
Peach & Berry Mousse Black berry & raspberry mousse sit atop peach mousse and a cake base 6" $33, 8"$46
Triple Chocolate Mousse Layers of dark, mocha and white chocolate mousse. The previous version had a cake base; pre-order this style with 48 hours notice, if preferred. Now gluten free! 6" $39, 8" $55 Triple Chocolate Mousse
White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Layers of vanilla chiffon, white chocolate mousse and raspberries, raspberry coulis, covered with white chocolate mousse. 6" $39, 8" $55 White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
Fruit Tart Chocolate brushed pastry, filled with chocolate mousse, orange liquored pastry cream & topped with fresh fruit 7" $36, 9" $49
Lemon Orange Flan with Blueberry Refreshing citrus baked custard in a pastry shell. Comes with blueberry compote 7" $30, 9" $42 Lemon Orange Flan with Blueberry
Lime Raspberry Flan  Tart lime custard & raspberries baked in a pastry shell 7" $30, 9" $42 Lime Raspberry Flan
Passion Fruit Flan Tangy passion fruit custard in a pastry shell 7" $30, 9" $42  Passion Fruit Flan
Pear, Almond & Chocolate Tart 2 days notice Almond & chocolate frangipane covered with caramelized pears in a puff pastry shell 7" $36, 9" $49
Pecan Cranberry Tart 2 days notice pecan tart, rich & sweet with cranberries to add zing. 7" $36, 9" $49 Pecan Cranberry Tart
Regarding Allergies Although we make efforts to prevent cross-contamination, we are unable to guarantee the absence of nut oils, residue or other dietary allergens in the products we make.